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8 July 2006

Popping ibuprofen like candy! That's me last night and this morning (Sunday, 9 July) after our three hour bike ride in the Costwold's with Jenny on a "tagalong" (trailer bike) attached to my bike. My knees aren't the best even for walking these days, but after all that biking up hills. Yup, steady diet of ibuprofen...:-)

I got the kids up at 7:30 am again, and we caught the 8:43 am "Great Malvern" (that's actually a city's name – I didn't learn that until Friday on the way back from Windsor) to Moreton-in-Marsh.


We had our usual moment of bad luck – the bike hire that we had used two years ago, and whose web site is still on the web, closed "several months ago" (said the station manager). Gulp! The kids were good sports about it, and we followed the managers directions into town. Fortunately, there was a Toy Shop in town (highly recommended!) where the very kind owners got us all set up and provided us a map, directions, suggested places to stop, warnings about hills and places to get lost, and so on.



The day started out a bit gray with occasional droplets, but cleared up into near-perfect biking weather – partly sunny and around 72F. The views were lovely, the towns were quaint with thatched-roof houses, and we saw sheep, horses, and cows galore.





We had lunch in Chipping Camden, a really cute town with old stone buildings and interesting stone pavillions throughout the city. We ate at Lyngon Arms, which is where they start the annual fox hunt. Poor Jenny ordered off the children's menu, a "beefburger." Would you read that as American "hamburger"? And so it was – sans bun, and covered in baked beans. Fortunately, everyone else contributed pieces of their lunch to her to keep her going – cheese, bread, lots of chips (fries).


Cheers to Mommy!

When we got back to Moreton-in-Marsh, I let them play on the local playground for awhile (with the coolest play toys on it), and then we walked the cute town (with the requisite ice cream) until the train arrived around 4.

IMG_5934.JPG IMG_5936.JPG IMG_5937.JPG

We got back, and immediately picked up tickets for Pirates 2. I went grocery shopping, and then we had beef stroganoff and salad for dinner. (Ham sandwich for Jenny, of course.) We saw the 8 pm show, and got back around 10:40. Everyone went immediately to bed (even Matt, after I chased after him a bit). I was in bed a bit after 11...and woke up this morning at 9:30! (I've been kinda exhausted.)

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