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9 July 2006

What a blissfully quiet day! Barb suggested that I was exhausted and should really sleep more, and she was soo right! I went to bed around 11 am on Saturday, and woke up at 9:30 (!!) Sunday. The kids slept nearly as long as I did.

After a really late breakfast, I started changing all the sheets and doing the laundry. The kids played and did their thing. Jenny and I went up to Sainsbury for milk and lunch supplies. We had a very British lunch of sausages (Cumberland and Sicillian), cheeses, and fruit. Jenny loved it, so now we have leftovers she'll eat. (She wasn't fond of the spaghetti or the beef stroganoff.)

Mommy made the girls promise to order me down for a nap. Of course, I did, not expecting to sleep since I'd slept so much the night before. An hour later (!) I woke up.

We really just hung out all day. The morning was cold and rainy, so it was the obvious thing to do. The afternoon was chilly (high 60's) and windy, but gloriously sunny. The girls went out to feed the coots and ducks, then we went to dinner with the students. It was so British – roast with "pudding" (kinda biscuity thing) with gravy, broccoli and roasted potatoes. It was really! good. Everyone ate it (but Jenny, of course).

After dinner with the students, we finally got to church (almost) on time. We went to the Evening Vespers and mass service at Blackfriars. We thought it was 6:30, but it was 6:15, so we missed the very beginning. Afterward, both Matt and Katie remarked at how beautiful the music was. (How did these kids get so cultured?!? There's no way that I would have appreciated Latin chants at 11 or 14!)

The evening was back to playing and laundry and Mark catching up on email. Like I said, blissfully quiet. (Excuse me while I take some more ibuprofen...)

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