10 July 2006

What a day! In terms of having adventures in Oxford, it was a quiet day. In terms of having a job in Atlanta while being in Oxford, it was an exhausting day. The kids didn't see much of me at all today, but they were such troopers! We're planning a museum trip tomorrow to make up.

I was the only one up this morning for breakfast, and they barely got up before I went to teach. CS1316 is working on their first linked list assignment (make music with multiple weaves and repeats, then draw the resultant structure). Computational Freakonomics is working on their first serious analysis assignment. Both classes had lots of questions about the assignments as well as today's lectures.

After class was office hours. I had three people working at our kitchen table, two from 1316 and one from CompFreak. The kids had just finished their lunch, while watching Singing in the Rain.

After office hours, I had one hour to spend with the kids. We worked on the three challenges I set for them.



(The photos are courtesy of Matt, of course.)

As you can see from the photos, it was a cold, rainy day in Oxford, which was fine for me.