11 July 2006

After my 9:30 am to 9:30 pm day yesterday, I felt justified in giving the kids this afternoon today.

Nobody was up for breakfast this morning, but they were all up when I got back. I gave them their challenges and went to class. CS1316 started on scene graphs and trees today. The girls brought me a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch between classes, which they do more often than not. CompFreak was a research methods lecture. I mostly sent out ICER acceptances and declines during class. After class, I explained some program bugs to a student then went to grab the kids.

A bit of a brag here: ICER (the International Computing Education Research workshop) accepted 13 papers. Only six were from the U.S. Two of those six were from our group at Georgia Tech. There was only one other institution in the world to get two papers into ICER. Kinda cool.

They hadn't started on their challenges yet, so while they figured out the answers, I dropped off the shorts that I ripped in Cambridge at the local dry cleaner and small repair shop. Afterward, we all headed out.




Along the way, we passed by The Bear, the oldest pub in Oxford, dating back to the 1400's. There are no right angles in the building anymore – just sagging beams and low ceilings.


IMG_5944.JPG IMG_5945.JPG


But the views are amazing!


Matthew pretending to be a gargoyle.


On the way home, we stopped for milk. Then Katie decided to show Jenny some of the impressionist art she'd seen at the Ashmolean. Matt took the groceries home, and the rest of us stopped in at the Ashmolean. Where else but Oxford could you stop by to see the Renoirs and Pissaros, for free, on the way home from picking up milk?

I got back in time to get into a suit and tie and go to the Provost's rose garden for a champagne reception with visitors from the University System of Georgia. I knew some of them, so I chatted until 5:30 when I joined the kids for dinner with the students – yes, we got in!

When we got to the soccer fields, there was a boy and his mom playing, also visitors to Worcester. We played soccer together for about 45 minutes.

When we got back, Katie and Jenny performed the play that they've been preparing for the last week or so. It was adorable! One of their better efforts. WARNING!: This is a huge file – about 45Mb.

The actresses prepare, off-stage


And then, off to bed! The girls were motivated to go to bed on time so that they could go to the Wednesday Market tomorrow!