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12 July 2006

Katie's still struggling with her bed. She complained of "lumps" in the mattress, which we turned over to no effect. I asked the housing staff here at Worcester about getting an extra mattress pad for more cushion, which they brought me and a whole new mattress. Katie says it's worse, but now we're trying the extra duvet, too. But on Wed. morning, only Jenny wanted to get up for breakfast and early morning Wednesday Market.

We bought the normal things (TP, fruit, laundry soap), but I also got lunch stuff for myself: olives with feta cheese and dolmades and tzatziki. I forgot to get bread, so I asked the kids to pick me up a crusty loaf from the market (which they kindly did). Yum! (Despite all the extra cheese, I'm hitching up past more belt notches – probably because of all the walking.)

CS1316 finished up scene graphs. It's a hard topic, but I think they're getting it.

Computational Freakonomics was a debate on the proposition, "Atlanta is a crime-ridden city." Richard and I realized that undergrads don't learn much about debating these days, and it shows. They don't really know how to assemble an argument.

The kids solved their challenges.
  • "Find the oldest coffee shop in Oxford."


  • "Take a picture of yourselves in front of someplace that was filmed in a movie." That's easy around here! They chose Oxford Castle.


  • "Find the spot where three men were burned." The monument that they found yesterday is actually up the street from the actual execution spot. They found the general area, but not the exact spot. So I took them there, and showed them the plaque explaining it.



We finally got to the Oxford Museum, which I really liked. Jenny found most of it boring, but enjoyed the section on Alice. We learned things about the area where we live, like the Oxford canal, Jericho (the "bohemian" suburb where our house is), the locks behind the College, and even the College. Here's a picture of a section of the College (still standing) dating back to the 13th century.


We found that Gloucester Green, where the bus station is (where Barb will be SATURDAY MORNING!!!) and where the market is, used to be an open air cattle market. The Old School Pub on Gloucester Green used to be...a school! We saw pictures of it from the 1800's.


Here's Katie pointing out our house on a map of Oxford from 1876.


After the museum, we went back home and I made TACOS for everyone, based on the stuff that the kids had bought this last week as part of their challenge. They went over really well. I had to do grading, so they hung out for awhile, then I took them up for G&D ice cream to pay off my challenge debt. (I'm still one day behind.)

The College Pub was having a "Quiz Night" and Katie and I were curious as to what that was. So after we put Jenny to bed, she and I walked up. It was awful. The "quiz" was on paper (!), so it was boring to watch. Worse yet, the language was rude and lewd – the teams named themselves using language that I definitely didn't want Katie around, so we left. And I worked on grading the rest of the night.

I've got more conference calls coming up. Our new project with Microsoft was just announced (and in the NYtimes and USAToday), so the work on that project now has to start, too. :-)

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