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Interesting Links


  • at
    • Nationa Cancer Institute's website on a lot of internet resources like the design of accessible websites, internet usage statistics, etc. A good resource for concious web designers.
  • Jakob Nielsen's Website at
    • A really good website for Usability related issues and articles (some by the owner himself). Help on conduction Usability tests can also be found here.


  • Wired News at
    • My favourite website for news, be it technology-related or otherwise.
  • The Times of India at
    • Great place to read about home, and other happenings. I wouldnt say they are completely unbiased, but they do a good job overall.
  • BBC News at
    • Another good website with a very good coverage! Like their science section a lot.


  • at
    • One stop shop for photography resources! Philip Greenspun is a God and my one-stop inspiration shop for photography. His "Travel's with Samantha" are a very interesting read. He teaches electrical engineering and computer science at MIT (as you can see, I'm a big fan!).


  • Piled Higher and Deeper at
    • Written by a student at Stanford. More details will be posted as I know them myself! :)
  • Dilbert at
    • Dilbert is one of the best nerd comic, which is a ton of fun. Read on, there isn't much more to say!

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