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My general research interests are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), or more specifically Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Software Engineering and Ubiquitous Computing. My thesis research is on the topic of meeting capture and access, which explores the design and use of the ubiquitous technology of capture and access for general meetings and specific software development meetings. For more information, see my Research Overview.

Research Projects

TeamSpace is a web-based workspace for managing shared artifacts and work processes of a workgroup. TeamSpace supports distributed meetings as part of a larger work context, providing the ability to create, record, and review meetings with agendas, presentations, and action items. We have implemented and are now evaluating TeamSpace in a number or workgroups.

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Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) has proposed the concept of annotating knowledge acquisition sessions with various concepts to aid in the capture of knowledge and the transition of that knowledge to further software development phases. We prototyped TAGGER and TagViewer, and evaluated this method of capture on a requirements task.

SAAMPad and SAAMPlayer
The Software Architectural Analysis Method (SAAM) is a structured method for understanding the high-level organization of a software system and determining the impact of requirements changes on that structure. The method revolves around group discussions by the various stakeholders in the system. We prototyped SAAMPad and SAAMPlayer to capture and review SAAM sessions.

Digital Picture Frame
Sharing and displaying pictures are an important part of people's lives. We are investigating this through a digital picture frame. The frame allows anyone to upload and change pictures on a physical picture frame using a web page. We are implementing the frame on a variety of LCD and PDA devices and are currently deploying them to study their use and the communication they foster.

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