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Individual- High School Game

Holden Hosch - Whitfield Academy
Alice Competition Instructions (1).docx
Racing Game

Matt Rowe - Brookwood High School
Hidden Object Game Instructions.txt
Matthew Rowe's Hidden Object Game.a2w
Gameplay Video (In .ZIP Archive).zip

Brennan Saul - Whitefield Academy
The saloon shooting game is played exactly as it sounds.docx
Video of shooting saloon. Sound not
Updated Saloon Shooting.a2w

Kanchana Victoria Ung - Luella High School

Cody Ulrich - Luella High School
SCA Notes and Instructions.docx
SCA Demo Video.avi
SCA - First Sequence.a2w

Jeremy Battle - Luella High School

Instructions for Game.docx

Selina Cui - Brookwood High School
Jamar King - Northeast High School

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