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Pictures from the first cohort of Operation Reboot

Training at Metro RESA
From left to right: Will Johnson, Ping Zhang, Dan Stehr, Lynne Goldsman, Scott Cohenour, Teacher of Metro RESA course, Devon Smith, Cynthia Anderson, Robert Bettis, Ramona Calvey

From left to right:
Gail Chapman (computing teacher) and Ramona Calvey (former IT worker) at Luella High School
gail and ramona.JPG

From left to right:
Robert Bettis (former IT worker) and Marlena Booker (computing teacher) at GIVE Center East

From left to right:
Kevin Daniel (computing teacher) and Will Johnson (former IT worker) at Banneker High School

From left to right:
Diahn Taylor (computing teacher) and Cynthia Anderson (former IT worker) at Towers High School

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