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AP Data for the United States 1998-2016

The following file is a spreadsheet with all the data for the number of CS AP A exam taken in each state from 1998 to 2016. The data was complied from the data available at This data was originally gathered by the CSTA board, but Barb Ericson of Georgia Tech keeps adding to it each year.

For detailed race and gender information on the AP CS A exam see Detailed Race and Gender Information 2016

The number of institutions that passed the audit to offer AP CS A was 3,206 in 2015-2016 versus 2,892 the previous year - an 11% increase.

The number of exam takers in the United States in 2016 was 54,379. That was a 17.3% increase from the previous year as shown in the table below.
year total % increase

The number of female exam takers was 12,642, up from 10,142 the year before. That is a 25% increase.
The percentage female was 23%, which was an increase from the previous year of 22%.
The number of Black exam takers was 2,027, versus 1,784 the year before. That is a 14% increase.
The percentage of Black exam takers was 3.7% down from 3.8% the year before.
The number of Hispanic exam takers was 6,256 up from 4,272 the year before. That is a 46% increase!
The percentage of Hispanic exam takers was 11.5% up from 9.2% the year before.

The overall pass rate was 64%, which was the same as the year before.
The female pass rate was 61%, which was the same as the year before.
The black pass rate was 33%, which was down from 38% the year before.
The Hispanic pass rate was 42% up from 41% the year before.

The top 10 states in terms of the number of exams taken were in 2016 were:
pos 2016state201620152014pos 2015
1California 10,244868866761
2Texas 6060517245512
3New York 3761312627343
4New Jersey3056246819865
5Illinois2938 239519556
6Virginia2856 237720697
7Florida2688 252821114
8Massachusetts2279 17841486 9
9Georgia203316581536 11
10Washington19451770 1048 10

Four more states had over 1,000 people take the exam in 2016.
pos 2016statenum exams
13North Carolina1425

Maryland is no longer #1 for the number of exams per 100,000 of population (2010). They dropped to #4.
posstate# exams per 100,000 of population
1Virginia 34.8%
2New Jersey34.4%
6District of Columbia27.8%

All states had at least someone take the exam. Thirteen states had less than 100 students take the exam: West Virginia 97, Rhode Island 94, Nebraska 88, New Mexico 79, Vermont 70, Alaska 60, Idaho 59, Kansas 57, North Dakota 35, South Dakota 26, Mississippi 16, Montana 9, Wyoming 6.

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