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Information Visualization

InfoVis Resource Links

Listed below are various links to projects about information visualization.

Research Groups & Companies

InfoVis at Georgia Tech - InfoVis research in the Information Interfaces Lab of the GVU Center

Visualization at HCIL - Univ of Maryland HCI Lab Visualization Projects (past & current)

Pacific Northwest National Labs - Research program in Information Visualization

Virginia Tech LIVE Lab - Research group on Information Visualization

PARC UIR Information Visualization - Links to Xerox PARC InfoVis projects & info

Systems & Techniques

Oculus - Business Visualization Software

Discovery - Visualization Software from ILOG

Spotfire - Dynamic Query-driven Visualization Software

InfoZoom - From HumanIT Software (Warning: in German)

Nonlinear Magnification Homepage - References and examples of fish-eye & focus + context views

NIRVE project at NIST - Visualizing documents and search results

Atlas of Cyberspace - Collection of depictions of the web, internet and cyberspace

Best and worst of statistical graphics - Collection of graphics examples with much homage to Tufte

Visual Thesaurus - Interesting visualization of concepts in text

Other InfoVis Collections

Information Visualization web site - Info Vis community information

Jerry Isdale's Info Vis resources - Very large collection of information visualization related links and sites

Information Visualization resources on the web - Collection of links to resources by Tamara Munzner

Library of Info Vis Environments - Collection of resources and commentary from Univ of Maryland students

Visualization Awareness Pages - More resources for InfoVis

Potsdam - More InfoVis resources - Digital magazine about area

InfoVis Bibliography - Links to important InfoVis papers & references

Academic Courses

British Columbia, Tamara Munzner
    Information Visualization, Fall 2004

Cal-Berkeley, Marti Hearst
     Information Visualization and Presentation, Spring 2004

Cal-Irvine, Alfred Kobsa
    Advanced Topics in Information Visualization, Winter 2004

Cal-San Diego, Jim Hollan
    Information Visualization, Fall 2004

CMU, Golan Levin
    Information Visualization as Artistic Practice, Spring 2004

Georgia Tech, John Stasko
     Information Visualization, Spring 2005

Indiana, Katy Borner
    Information Visualization, Spring 2004

Maryland, Ben Bederson
    Information Visualization, Spring 2003

MIT, Judith Donath
    Social Visualization, Fall 2004

Michigan, George Furnas
    Information Visualization, Fall 2000

Virginia Tech, Chris North
    Information Visualization Fall 2003

Data Sets & Atlases

UNIX System User Load Data - From Bob Lechner of U Mass, Lowell

Geneology Data - From the US Census Bureau

World Wine Statistics - From the Wine Institute

Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive - At UC Irvine

National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference - From the USDA

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