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Proposal: 3 Walls, No Blinds

This is a proposal for a show for DramaTech Open House 2004. The current working title for that show is 3 Walls, No Blinds.


  • Je77 Rick (principal)
  • Ryan Lafitte
  • Adam Johnson


Chicago's Neo-Futurists ( do a show called Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind! In it, they do 30 (scripted) plays in 1 hour. These short pieces are high-energy, often funny, occasionally deep, and always well received. The Neofuturists have visited Atlanta twice in the last two years and many DT members have seen them perform. We would like to do a show that takes their principles and create a similar show for Open House. The two principles, we are particularly interested in are:
  1. Non-illusory theatre: these pieces will be based on the casts' lives, rather than on playing characters.
  2. Participatory theatre: we'd like to involve the audience in certain pieces.
Because of the experience we have with LTT!, we believe we can create a worthwhile show based on these principles. We will probably have an open casting call for the show (no experience required). Ideally, the show should require about 6 actors. We wouldn't need to rehearse in the theatre, except for the last week.

We also wouldn't need much support from DramaTech. Ideally, we'd like to have a Stage Manager and a Sound Designer for the show if DramaTech can provide them. Otherwise, we can recruit these ourselves.

This proposal is only for the show part of DramaTech open house. Others would have to be responsible for tables, food, tours, t-shirts, etc.

Technical Requirements

  • Lights: a full wash, perhaps a special for a specific piece.
  • Set: minimal to none. We can even do it without curtains.
  • Properties: the actors will probably find their own props
  • Sound: a good sound operator would be useful, though we could probably have one person do both sound and lights


  • New members interested in DramaTech will be treated to a high-energy sometimes-interactive show. If we can produce anything close to what the Neofuturists offer, it should definitely get people interested in DramaTech. It should also be a good mix of improv and standard theatre with perhaps some music mixed in.
  • It will be a cheap show to produce that will not demand too much from a tech standpoint (minimal lights, some sound, no real set). This will allow the open house chairs to concentrate on other things, besides the show.
  • Je77 is the most experienced studio-show director that DramaTech has. He codirected Eggshell#1 for Open House 1995, which was a big success. He also directed Fowl Play and Hustlers and co-directed Faustus. He knows how to make studio-shows and should need little support making this one happen.


  • With a running time of ~1 hour, this show would be the show for the evening. Note: We do not want to decrease the time.