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3 Walls, No Blinds

After seeing Chicago's Neo-Futurists a number of times, I wanted to do a show like their Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind show. So, we did. I assembled a whole bunch of people and we started working on it. It took us about 7 months to build up to a performance, with people joining and leaving the troupe throughout. Finally, on January 14th and 15th, 2005, we performed 3 Walls, No Blinds: 30 Scenes about Us by Us at DramaTech. Both performances went very well. The cast was Adam Johnson, Bryan Ruiz, Henry Ruiz, and myself.

The Performance

Select Scenes

Many of the scenes that were performed were not fully scripted or are hard to understand outside the context of the show, so the full script is not available. Here are a few scenes that we do have text for:
The reason that many of these scripts are by Je77 is because he did a better job of keeping his scripts on this site.

Work Product

  • Proposal: the initial proposal to DramaTech to do it for open-house.
  • Mise-en-Scene: The ideas that influenced us in creating the scenes.
  • 3WNB Logo: our discussion on picking a logo.
  • ScenesLocked: you need to be signed in to see these.
  • Last Scene Incentive: you need to be signed in to see these.