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Christopher Marlowe's Faustus
Adapted by Jochen "Je77" Rick
Directed by Kelly Klega and Jochen "Je77" Rick

DramaTech 1998-99 Best Studio ShowDramaTech 1998-99 Best Studio Actor (Joshua Bardwell as Mephistopheles)
DramaTech 1998-99 Best Studio Techinal (Aaron Zollman, Sound Design)DramaTech 1998-99 Best Actress (Anne Margaret Huss as Faustus)

Director's Note

One of the most durable myths in Western culture, the story of Faustus tells of a learned man who sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for knowledge and power. The young and controversial Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) realized in his adaptation of the Faustian legend perhaps the first great English tragedy. This abridged and adapted version stays true to Marlowe's concepts and language, while updating the play for a modern audience's understanding and sensibilities.

This experimental production might occasionally need some audience participation; please, do not be afraid to help us out. The performance will be evolving and changing throughout its four performances, so if you choose to see it twice you will see new takes on the material. We'd love to get feedback from you; feel free to stick around after the performance and chat with us.

Laugh, enjoy, and ask yourself "should Faustus repent."

Thanks for your support,

Jochen Rick, script-editor and co-director


  • Mise-en-Scene: "It is necessary to recover the primeval force of the shock taking place at the moment when opposite a man (the viewer) there stood for the first time a man (the actor) deceptively similar to us, yet at the same time infinitely foreign, beyond an impassable barrier." – Tadeusz Kantor "The Theatre of Death"
  • Properties
    • Faustus's chair (1, 2, 5, 8)
    • Faustus's book (1)
    • Mephistopheles's cloak (1)
    • Deed scroll (2, 5)
    • Conjuring book (2, 3, 4, 5)
    • 2 inn chairs (4)
    • Coins (4)
    • Wrath's 2 rapiers (5)
    • 2 plates of food (6)
    • The Pope's goblet (6)
    • Inn goblet (4)
    • Alexander's sword (7)
  • Faustus: Dramatis Personae
  • Faustus: Prologue
    • Edited from: Prologue
    • Characters: Narrator
  • Faustus: Scene 1
    • Edited from: Scene III
    • Setting: Faustus's study
    • Characters: Faustus, Devils, Mephistopheles
  • Faustus: Scene 2
    • Edited from: Scene V
    • Setting: Faustus's study
    • Characters: Faustus, Good Angel, Evil Angel, Mephistopheles, Devils
  • Faustus: Scene 3
    • Edited from: Scene VIII
    • Setting: an inn-yard
    • Characters: Robin, Ralph
  • Faustus: Scene 4
    • Edited from: Scene IX
    • Setting: an inn
    • Characters: Robin, Ralph, Vintner, Mephistopheles
  • Faustus: Scene 5
    • Edited from: Scene VI
    • Setting: Faustus's study
    • Characters: Faustus, Mephistopheles, Good Angel, Evil Angel, Lucifer, the Seven Deadly Sins, Narrator
  • Faustus: Scene 6
    • Edited from: Scene VII
    • Setting: the Pope's chambers
    • Characters: Faustus, Mephistopheles, the Pope, Cardinal of Lorraine, Friars, Narrator
  • Faustus: Scene 7
    • Edited from: Scene X
    • Setting: the Emperor's court
    • Characters: Emperor, his Attendants, Knight, Faustus, Mephistopheles, Alexander the Great, his Paramour, Narrator
  • Faustus: Scene 8
    • Edited from: Scene XIII and XIV
    • Setting: Faustus's study
    • Characters: Old Man, Faustus, Mephistopheles, Devils, Narrator