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Faustus: Scene 4

an inn
[Enter Robin and Ralph.]

Robin Come, Ralph, did not I tell thee we were for ever made by this Faustus' book? Behold the sign, here's a simple purchase for horsekeepers; our horses shall eat no hay as long as this lasts.

[Enter Vintner.]

Ralph But, Robin, here comes the vintner.

Robin Hush! I'll gull him supernaturally. Drawer, I hope all is paid: God be with you. Come, Ralph.

Vint. Soft, sir; a word with you. I must yet have a goblet paid from you, ere you go.

Robin I, a goblet, Ralph; I, a goblet! I scorn you, and you are but a wretched fool. I, a goblet! search me.

Vint. I mean so, sir, with your favor.

[Vintner searches Robin.]

Robin How say you now?

Vint. I must say somewhat to your fellow. You, sir!

Ralph Me, sir! me, sir! search your fill.

[Vintner searches Ralph.]

Ralph Now, sir, you may be ashamed to burden honest men with a matter of truth.

Vint. Well, t' one of you hath this goblet about you.

Robin (Aside) You lie, drawer, 'tis afore me. Sirrah you, I'll teach ye to impeach honest men; stand by; I'll scour you for a goblet! stand aside you had best, I charge you in the name of Belzebub.

Vint. What mean you, sirrah?

Robin I'll tell you what I mean. (Reading from the book) "Forces of evil," Nay, I'll tickle you, vintner. "In the name of Belzebub, I summon Mephistopheles."

[Enter Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles whips Robin and Ralph. They run about.]

Vint. Oh, my God! what meanest thou, Robin? Thou hast no goblet.

Ralph Here's thy goblet, good vintner.

[Ralph hands goblet to Vintner. Exit Vintner.]

Robin What shall I do? Good Devil, forgive me now, and I'll never rob thy library more.

[Robin hands book to Mephistopheles.]

Monarch of hell, under whose black survey
Great potentates do kneel with awful fear,
Upon whose altars thousand souls do lie,
How am I vexed with these villains' charms?
From Constantinople am I hither come
Only for pleasure of these damned slaves.
Robin How from Constantinople? You have had a great journey. Will you take sixpence in your purse to pay for your supper, and begone?

Meph. Well, villains, for your presumption, I transform thee into an ape, and thee into a dog; and so begone.

[Exit Mephistopheles.]

Robin How, into an ape? That's brave! I'll have fine sport with the boys. I'll get nuts and apples enow.

Ralph And I must be a dog.

Robin I' faith thy head will never be out of the pottage pot.

[Exit Ralph and Robin.]