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3WNB Logo

OK. Final vote time for the 3WNB logo. I'm happy with either (not that there's a big difference between the two). So, we'll do it by simple majority unless somebody has a convincing argument why one is better.

with Floor

Uploaded Image: 3wnb-logo6.gif

without Floor

Uploaded Image: 3wnb-logo9.gif

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  # Percentage
 without Floor 124 ------- 52.5 %
 with Floor 112 ------- 47.4 %
 Total 236  


Old stuff

Two more alternatives to consider for the 3WNB logo. I know these may look a bit simple, but simple is good. You can always embellish (add color, texture, background) when doing a specific thing (such as a full color poster). These are black and white, since that gives you something simple to start off with.

Let me know which one you like better.

Two Icons

Two Icons Reloaded



Vote Here

  # Percentage
 Text  356 ------- 73.4 %
 Two Icons 118 --- 24.3 %
 Text++ 11 - 2.2 %
 Total 485  


If we go with the 2 icons, I'd like to see the line defining a "floor" go away, truly making it only 3 walls. Just me. Looking at the text++ version, I realize that the two icons approach seems a bit too... crowded-busy-redundant? Ultimately however, I'm not one to care too much about aesthetics, so I could go either way. - Henry

No lines would be interesting. I like these and regardin another's comments made last time I like the stark nature of the logo. After all it represents a characteristic of our troupe. I like the two icons and the text++ not at all. I don't know why. Maybe because the dice seems a little cheesy or out of place. Unrelated. Or maybe the dice represents how you can't be sure of what you will get... hmm... maybe the dice is not too bad. I never thought about it that way. I am starting to like the text++. arrgh

I like both logos. The icons are more clear and make more sense, but i think there might be a place for the text++ logo somewhere down the road. My biggest problem with the icons is the "no blinds" part - that image just doesn't make me immediately think of a window without blinds. I'm not enough of an artist to offer any kind of better idea, but i'd like to see another image for "no blinds." I agree with Henry on the removing the "floor." - David

I agree, David, that the "no blinds" is not nearly as obvious as the three walls. I'm not sure there's a better one though. This one is at least close enough so that it will remind you of "3 Walls, No Blinds" if you've heard of that. A little bit of non-obviousness might be good. For instance, many people have asked me about my velocitoaster t-shirt. It isn't obvious what it is about; this allows me to tell them about DT. What I also tried to do is make it match the three walls icon. If you'll notice, it has the same bounding box and a lot of parallels in lines. I tried Henry's suggestion about no floor. Check it out:

Uploaded Image: 3wnb-logo9.gif

I have mixed feelings about it. It gives it a transparent space, which matches the window's transparency. That's good. It removes the line at the bottom, which extended the line of the "no blinds" icon. That's bad. I can't decide between them. Anyway, let me know if you have preferences. -Je77

Here's an example of the icons with some texture applied:

Uploaded Image: 3wnb-icons9.gif

Old Stuff

Here are the two alternatives I came up with for the 3WNB logo. Vote to let me know which one you like better.

Single Icon

Single Icon Logo

Two Icons

Two Icons logo

Vote Here

  # Percentage
 Two Icons 2 ------- 66.6 %
 Single Icon 1 ---- 33.3 %
 Total 3  


Add your comments here:

mwahahahah.... 100% like the two icons. Did you try other fonts for the writing?

i like the idea of having one thing that people can recognize and connect

Not a huge fan of either of them. Neither are very eye catching. The picture and the fonts are too boring to be eye catching.
I've seen your posters; I know you can do better.
My vote is neither.

I tried other fonts for the writing. For both of the choices, these were the fonts I liked best. For the second one in particular, I am happy with the font choice. It complements the simplicity of the graphics with a very simple font. -Je77