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22 July 2004 - blog

I saw David Berkeley play at Smith's Olde Bar. Berkeley's latest album, After the Wrecking Ships, is one of the best albums I've bought in a while. So, I found it weird that Berkeley has yet to establish a solid following in his home city, Atlanta. The music is wonderful. He marries solid melodies with lyrical insight and exquisite vocals. Frankly, he should be a star, but somehow he isn't (yet). If you are interested, you can download some sample songs from his website. I recommend "Moon Song" and "Fire Sign."

I wasn't a huge fan of Smith's Olde Bar. Specifically, the atmosphere at Eddie's Attic is better. People were talking during the performance (something frowned upon at Eddie's). SOB is clearly a bar first and then a music venue second. I prefer it the other way around.

Anyway, it was all part of the Atlantis Music Festival. I also liked Heidi Hensley, who was the first performer.