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3WNB Bios

Use this page to add your mini-biographies for 3WNB. These will be used in the program. I know that people tend to put silly or inside-joke things in their bio, this shouldn't be that kind of a thing. Part of the idea for this show is that we are doing scenes about ourselves, so it is important for the audience to get a sense of who we are. The bios should do that. Your bio should reflect who you are. In that sense, it could be silly. I thought about just using my standard one—"Je77 is insane. He once killed a bunch of people. Now, he likes Hole." It reflects who I am (a bit tongue-in-cheek, a little crazy, Hole fan, unconventional, Beavis reference, etc.). OK. Also, keep it about the same length as everybody elses.

Monday, 2 August 2004, 2:25:06 pm, Je77
Je77 is good at designing educational technology, collaborating with others, cooking, using large words, listening and singing along to music, playing games, analyzing movies, thinking outside the box, writing long sentences, and procrastinating. He's bad at losing weight, falling asleep, staying in touch with old friends, and remembering names. He wishes he was better at playing music, writing, and graduating.

Monday, 2 August 2004, 7:58:42 pm, HRuiz
The best $5 Henry ever spent was on his wonderfully comfortable recliner, which he has named Somnos. Everyone agrees he works too much and too hard, but Somnos and an ever-growing collection of silver discs are always there to welcome him home. Happily single, a diligent investor, at times too introspective, politically incorrect, but full of honor, Henry enjoys life on his own terms. His infantile fantasy is to "grow up" to be a semi-professional poker player.

Tuesday, 9 November 2004, 12:34:30 pm, stnuke
Once, many years ago in 1976, was born a small male human named by his parents Adam Brent Johnson. His name stemmed from many hours of going over lists of names trying to find one that couldn't be shortened, nicknamed, or made into something else - unfortunately, they didn't reckon with the the natural instincts of small children in this domain being more powerful than the cognitive abilities of two adults with advanced degrees. Go figure.

Tuesday, 30 November 2004, 5:19:58 pm, promark420
Bryan, like most Mexicans, enjoys being lazy after working hard. Procrastination is one of his biggest enemies, yet he disires to eventually earn his CPA so that he can be hated by anyone trying to cover up fraud. Constanlty seeking personal improvement, Bryan enjoys many things, and will gladly do them alone. He easily enjoys individuals while hating people. He can't wait to buy life insurance if only to beat the spread. Some day he will be ambidextirous.