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Not Bones

David Darwin Clark came into DramaTech a few years ahead of me. Like me, he was a techie. Techie. That means he did lots of technical stuff behind the scenes, instead of acting. You know—lights, sounds, and so on. Truth be known, it took me a while to discover I was a techie. The first thing I did at DT was to act. Not that I was good at it or anything. The first real techie thing I wanted to do was sound design for Into the Woods. Dave was the production manager at the time. The production manager gets to decide who does what. Anyway, Dave gave me a chance and I discovered I was a techie. I was much better at that than acting. I also figured out what kind of techie I was. I was the Dave kind—interested in theatre, trying things, challenging myself, etc.

Dave always approached everything he did with tremendous enthusiasm and creativity. If there was something that he really wanted to do, he'd put the time and effort into it. It's largely due to him that we did Equus, a diversion from the usual mainstream theatre we do here. Creativity is important. We need to challenge ourselves. I believe in that. Dave believed in that. He always found the cool thing to do and did it in a cool way. In the only time he was ever on-stage, he played Mr. Potato Head in Personals. It was just skinny Dave in a giant Mr. Potato Head costume with a girl pushing him around. Hilarious. He had one of the most eclectic collections of music I've ever heard. Many still fondly remember the music for Macbeth. It was perfect for the show. Only Dave could have found it.

Dave was born with a genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis. Practically, what this meant was that his lungs didn't function well. They would secrete fluid which his body could not get rid of. That fluid could easily get infected. As a consequence, Dave was sick a lot. He coughed a good amount and had to have his chest pounded to loosen the goop in his lungs.

Could that half of the audience please pound your chest like this and cough. Good. If I point at you, do that. Anyway, where were we? Oh ya. About once a year, Dave needed to go to the hospital for an extended period of time.

What was remarkable was that I didn't really know this for the longest time. He just didn't show it. Dave was upbeat most of the time. He was pretty fun to be around. He had a terrific sense of humor and could use it to tear you off your high horse whenever you got too full of yourself. He could really laugh at things. He'd honestly guffaw.

Could you other half of the theatre laugh like Dave. Ohh well. Good enough. Do that when I point to you.

Cystic fibrosis, or rather the treatment for it, took Dave's sense of smell and taste.

points to coughing audience

Dave liked to eat sushi. It's the texture. I once had a two day hangover after drinking margaritas and chasing that with shots of Chartreusse. Chartreusse is an herbal liquor from France. The color is named after the liquor. Anyway, it was the worst hangover ever. So, I came up with a drink: half chartreusse and half tequila. I call it the "I'm pretty sure I died and went to hell."

points to laughing audience

Dave was the only one brave enough to drink it. See, losing your sense of smell can have advantages. Dave was just a good person to have around, whether it be at DramaTech or at parties or just chatting. He made other people better. He never got into that whole clique infighting thing. He was into giving people chances. That's important. Give people chances. Sure, some freshman are annoying. I was. But, they can turn out to be cool. Give them a chance. That's Dave. That's not to say that everything Dave did succeeded or was gold. He was a bit of a lonely person. He only had a few friends and there would have been lots of people who would have loved to be his friend. He ate out alone more than anyone I know.

A few years ago, Dave—The Dave—died. He needed a lung transplant and he never got it. His body withered away and he died. There was a memorial service for him in this room. We dedicated the light booth—that's where the techies sit during the show—to him. There's a placard there. That was a while back. There are only a few people left here who remember Dave, but there's a placard.

Dave used to have the nickname of Bones. I guess that's because he was so skinny. You could see his bones.

Points to coughing side

He decided he didn't like that nickname and for some time, he was called "Not Bones".

Points to laughing side

Now, all that's left of his body is bones. Almost all that's left of him here is a placard. I wrote this scene so you could see that's there's more to Dave than that. So, if somebody asks you about the placard, you can say. That's not bones.

Points to both sides