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Greek Tomato Salad

First, make the sauce:

4 TbspExtra Virgin Olive Oil
2 TbspBalsamic Vinegar
1 tspSalt
1 tspDried Sweet Basil
4 TbspWater
1 dashSugar
1 dashPepper

Use a mixer to mix these ingredients together. Add

1 wholeOnion (diced)

Let this sit for 2 to 5 hours. Add

9Tomatoes (diced)
4Cucumbers (diced)

Add sauce shortly before eating.

You can also add diced feta cheese (proper feta should be made from sheep's milk, avoid feta made from cow milk) and/or black olives for taste. I always recommend that people add salt individually before eating. If y

Note: add the sauce shortly before eating.