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Civilized Discourse

Characters: A and B

A: It is a mistake to halt federally funded research on embryonic stem cells. This research could lead to a better understanding of molecular developmental biology, and could potentially cure many diseases and disorders now considered incurable.

B: While there are possible benefits, the cost is extreme. Much of this research uses byproducts of destroyed fetuses, which is a serious ethical concern.

A: Now, wait. What if we could cure Alzheimer's Disease using what we learn? If you were diagnosed with Alzheimer's, would you have wanted to avoid having your family and loved ones suffer the long goodbye for 10 or more years? I mean, look how long Reagan lingered on - would you want more people to duffer like he and his family did?

B: Look, the most likely source for these cells is terminated pregnancies. You would encorage the abortion of children. Have you no respect for the decency of human life?

A: Are you going to repeal science? Can't you see what you're doing? You're going to deny a cure to many suffering people in order to save a bunch of cells.

B: Oh, I see. Technological advancement at any cost? There was another group that advocated medical research like this... the Nazi Party in Germany! Do you want to be compared to them?

A: Are you some kind of Luddite?

B: Are you some kind of murderer?

A: Fetus worshipper!

B: Baby killer!

A: Communist!

B: Nazi!


B: [Looks at watch] We're over time. Same time tomorrow?

A: Sure thing. Want to have lunch?