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Uncelebrity Endorsement

This is my TypeMatrix keyboard. I love my TypeMatrix keyboard. You see, I have carpel tunnel syndrome. That means that if I type on the keyboard a long time, my hands start to get numb. Unfortunately, I'm a computer scientist and academic. I type a lot. It used to hurt. Now, it doesn't.

I also love it, because it's an innovative design that works. It has many great features, like two backspace button in the middle of the keyboard. I make a lot of mistakes and I like being able to correct it with my index finger rather than my right pinky. It's also small, so I can place my mouse next to it on the keyboard tray.

This product isn't made by a large company, so you won't find it advertised in magazines or pop-up windows. Instead, the company counts on word of mouth to survive. That's what this scene is about. It's word of mouth. It's an uncelebrity endorsement. If you have RSI problems and are interested, talk to me about it after the show.