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Obsession no.10

Together: I'm obsessed. I have 10 bottles of...
Je77: Tequila.
Bryan: Scotch.
Together: I pour it into...
Bryan: a short tumbler
Je77: a shot glass and raise it to my lips
Bryan: I swirl
Je77: I inhale sharply
Together: I smell it
Je77: I slowly tilt the glass
Bryan: I hold it in my mouth
Je77: moving the alcohol slowly from the lips to the throat
Together: I swallow
Bryan: I inhale through the nose
Je77: I inhale through the mouth
Bryan: I inhale again and taste what is left on the palette. Then, I add cool water and repeat
Je77: I repeat until done
Together: I enjoy...
Je77: the tingling of the lips
Bryan: the liquid butter warmth that spreads through my chest
Je77: the fire within
Bryan: the sensory overload
Together: I have 10 bottles not because I'm obsessed with quantity. I'm obsessed with taste. I chase the taste.
Bryan: I've bought bottles based on magazines
Je77: books
Together: websites
Bryan: I keep a tasting diary
Je77: I like the variety...
Bryan: the strong, yet subtle and smooth Highlands'
Je77: the harsch blanco
Bryan: the fruity and light Speysides
Je77: the smooth anejo, aged years in oak barrels
Bryan: the salty, smokey, peaty Isleys
Je77: the happy medium of reposado
Together: I'm not an alcoholic. I don't drink to get drunk. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm just obsessed.