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Squeak SlideShow

During Summer 2001, I took a vacation/chance-to-get-away to Germany. I borrowed my father's digital camera. Along the way, I got some great pictures, but didn't have a really good way to display them. So, being a mad programmer, I wrote a program to display them in Squeak. I added features like being able to rearrange the order and add text annotations. In the end, I was pretty happy with the result. So, I'm sharing it here. Here's a screenshot (half-size) of SlideShow in action:

SlideShow: Oberaudorf, Germany

To Use SlideShow

(I'm assuming you know how to use Squeak)
  1. Get the source material
    • Get a whole bunch of pictures (JPEG, GIF, and/or PNGs)
    • Put them all in one file directory
  2. Install the program
    • Set up Squeak (you definitely want a newer version that has the JPEG acceleration)
    • File in SlideShow.cs
  3. Run the program
    • Put Squeak in "full screen on" mode
    • DoIt: (SlideShow onDirectory: (FileDirectory on: 'file path to your pictures')) openInWorld
    • You can add annotations by pulling out TextMorphs from the Supply Flap; they will be save when you move on to the next slide
    • After annotating or reordering your slides, you should save changes from the menu button (i.e. the leftmost of the 4 SlideShow buttons)