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Freeze Frame

Freeze frame is a warm-up game to help improvisers become more physically expressive.

Communication is key to improvisation. Your body can be a powerful instrument of communication. A good improviser can communicate their character and their actions largely without speaking. This game is to help you get better at communicating without speaking.

How to Play

All but one improvisers line up facing the remaining player:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
That player then announces some action or emotion for the others to demonstrate. Some good examples:
  • Gangster holding a gun to threaten someone
  • Jason, from Friday the 13th, is about to kill you
  • Surprise
  • Sneaky
  • Making an important decision
The other players then individually act out the suggestion in a freeze frame. They either freeze, as in a picture, or perform a small repetitive motion (e.g., peeling a banana). This game is not meant to test how fast you can come up with something, so allow up to 10 seconds for the players to arrange their freeze frame. Next, the player evaluates the choices and picks their favorite. The player must have a good justification why they chose that freeze frame. Then, that chosen player remains frozen as the others take a look and the evaluator lets everyone know why this was the best instance of the suggestion. Once everyone has taken a good look, the game starts over with the chosen player becoming the announcer / evaluator.