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Tarantino Structure

Quentin Tarantino is a director, best known for his uniquely-styled films. His movies feature memorable dialogue, stylized violence, homages to other movies, and larger-than-life characters. This play structure borrows a few of Tarantino's tricks. First, it employs the Pulp Fiction device of not playing the scenes in order; the first scene and the last scene are actually the same scene (the latter concluding the former). Second, it utilizes the revenge motif, prominent in the Kill Bill movies.


  • The Bride: The central plot of the story revolves around this character getting rejected by Bill and getting revenge.
  • Bill: As is normal in a Sheer Rejection archetype, Bill is pretty nasty and should be hated by the audience.
  • Butch: Ultimately, Butch helps the Bride get revenge on Bill. He probably does something not so nice. In his scene with Fabienne, he confesses this.
  • Fabienne: Fabienne has a strong relationship with Butch that gets into conflict, when he confesses what he does (or specifically did).
  • Bride's Friend: This character has a scene with the bride that occurs way before any of the other scenes.


  1. (Bride's Friend, Butch) Surprise Acqaintances, Part 1: Both of these characters randomly run into each other at some place. They begin to realize that they know of each other. At the moment it starts to become clear how they are connected, the scene ends. It will come back at the end.
  2. (Bill, The Bride) Rejection: This is the main scene of the play structure. It is an instance of the Sheer Rejection archetype.
  3. (Butch, Fabienne) Unexpected Confession: Chronologically, this is the last scene. In it, Butch confesses his secret (the thing that the Bride will later use for revenge) to Fabienne.
  4. (Bride's Friend, The Bride) Prequel: This scene is set way before any of the others. For instance, it could be when the bride is still a kid. It establishes that the Bride knows her friend. It also should make the rejection scene more terrible.
  5. (Butch, The Bride, Bill) Revenge: The Bride gets help from Butch to get revenge on Bill. This may actually be a sequence of scenes, rather than just one scene. "Revenge is a dish best served cold."
  6. (Bride's Friend, Butch, Fabienne) Surprise Acqaintances, Part 2: This scene concludes the opening scene. It starts at the moment the other scene left off. Depending on the circumstances, Fabienne may enter the scene. Since this scene happens chronologically before the Unexpected Confession scene, she does not know things about Butch yet. Not letting her find things out may be part of the fun of this scene.
The chronological order of the scenes is: Prequel, Rejection, Revenge, Surprise Acqaintances, and Unexpected Confession. That's quite a bit different than the actual order.