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3 October 2006 - blog

Woohoo! I just completed a 5-ball qualifying run.

One of my goals before I graduated was to juggle 5 balls (beanbags). I just completed a qualifying run for 5 balls today. For those not familiar with the terminology, that's 5 balls in the air for 10 catches, no drops. That's the second step along the way to being a 5-ball juggler. The first is a flash: 5-balls up, 5-ball caught; I did that one on September 16th. I think I'll call the whole thing Mission Accomplished if I can keep 5 balls in the air for 10 seconds (10 seconds is probably 50-60 catches).

BTW, learning 5-ball juggling is difficult. As one good juggler said, on a scale of 1 to 10, three balls is a 2, four balls is a 7, and five balls is a 28. I found the 55550 siteswap pattern to be extremely useful.