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1 November 2006 - blog

Mission Accomplished!!!

This has been a good week for me. On Sunday, I finished the last body chapter of my dissertation. Then, today, I accomplished my juggling goal for graduation: 5-balls cascade for 50 catches. I can now call myself a 5-ball juggler. Wheee!!! Here is a table to summarize my progress on this fairly difficult trick:

CatchesDate AccomplishedDays
5 (flash)September 16 
10 (qualify)October 317
20October 52
30October 105
40October 2616
50November 16

I got stuck on 30 for a long while. Then, I changed my training regiment, based on a video by Jason Garfield (an excellent juggler). He suggests practicing short good runs, rather than trying for the maximum number each time. I've gotten pretty good at just doing qualifying runs and runs of 20. That really helped me get to 50 catches. Now I can graduate!