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26 September 2003 - blog

Computers (or rather programs) are crazy. So, I've been working on the AniAniWeb software. Some time back, I had put in a performance optimization that moved something from N time to logN time. The change was quite drastic. The software was serving nearly as fast as Apache. It made me happy.

I noticed a few weeks ago that this performance gain was wiped out. In fact, the thing was slower than it had been before the changes. I couldn't figure out what it was. I looked through all the code I had generated before then and none of it was the culprit. Annoying.

So, today, as I was transferring over a new Squeak image to the server machine, an error popped up. Instead of dealing with it. I stopped the server and got rid of the launcher module and instantiated a new one. Whadoyouknow! All of a sudden, it's really fast again. Start-up takes about 1/100th of the time and serving is close to Apache speeds. It must have been that some of the debugging code I had put into the launcher stuck around in the object, though the code was changed. Yixes! What a weird bug.

I'm glad the bug is gone, but fixing it sure seemed more like magic than science.