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1 June 2007 - blog

Is it a bomb?Today, I got an e-mail that I had a package to pick up. The package was from the Museum of Modern Art. Since I had no idea who had sent me something from MoMA, I joked about it being a suspicious package that I should alert the police about. A week ago, we had to clear the building, because a "suspicious" package was found in the nextdoor building; it turned out to just be an unexpected gift of cologne. So, after joking about the possible threat to all of us, I went to pick up the package. To further the suspicion, neither the package, nor the present inside indicated who had sent it (I'm assuming it's a graduation gift, but I don't know from whom). As a final fitting piece to the joke, the content looks like a bomb. Funny! It's a music box that plays Mozart music, named "Mozartkugel"—an obvious pun on the Marzipan-filled chocolates from Austria. Weird! Thanks to whomever sent this my way!

Mystery solved! It was Colleen Kehoe, my academic older sister, who sent it as a graduation gift. She had meant to send along a note, but it got lost in the web interface. Then, she meant to send an e-mail, but never did. I finally saw her in person and she mentioned it. Thanks Colleen! I guess it was actually better this way.