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10 March 2008 - blog

I recently moved to Milton Keynes, UK, for a postdoc at the Open University. On Saturday, I had a house warming party, since I was finally all moved in and organized. Here are pictures of the new flat:
Bedroom (from the tiny hallway)Living Room (as viewed from bedroom)Rest of Living RoomKitchenBathroom
The flat is in a newly built district called the Hub. It's so new that I'm the first tenant for this flat. That's both good (everything is shiny and new) and bad (I had to pay and install the bathroom fixtures). The Hub is conveniently located halfway between the rail/bus station and the big mall. Rent is quite high (675 per month), but the location is worth it. As some of you may realize from the pictures above, I've accomplished one of my lifelong goals—I own a pony chair. Whee!