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My Favorite Spirits

This is my page of the spirits that I like the best. These are not spirits for getting drunk, but for sipping neat and enjoying the taste.


My favorite liquor is tequila. Before looking at my preferences, you should read an introduction to tequila, since there are so many bad misconceptions about the drink.
  • El Tesoro de Don Felipe Blanco (older bottlings are superb)
  • Cazodores Reposado
  • Cabo Wabo Reposado
  • Gran Centenario Reposado
  • Patron Anejo
  • Chinaco Anejo


  • Blanton's: for a smooth taste
  • Booker's: for knocking your socks off

Single-Malt Scotch

  • Ardbeg (my favorite so far from them is the Uigeadail)
  • Springbank (my favorite so far is The Whisky Society's 1992)
  • Rosebank (my favorite so far is The Whisky Society's 1990)


  • Martell Napoleon Cognac
  • Osocalis Brandy: Excellent young brandy from California
  • Chateau de St. Aubin Bas-Armagnac X.O., Tour du Monde: Shipped one time around the world by boat to smoothen it out.