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Videos are very useful in offering a quick summary of research to accompany papers. They are a great way of reaching a broader audience. As such, I've started to produce videos to accompany my papers.

CHI 2013: Pass the iPad

Yuill, N., Rogers, Y. and Rick, J. (2013). Pass the iPad: Collaborative creating and sharing in family groups. In Proceedings of CHI 2013, pages 941–950. ACM Press. [download]

ICLS 2012: Learning as Identity Formation

Rick, J., DeVane, B., Clegg, T., Peters, V. L., Songer, N., Goldman, S. R. and Hmelo-Silver, C. E. (2012). Learning as identity formation: Implications for design, research, and practice. In Proceedings of ICLS 2012, volume 2, pages 126–133. ISLS. [pdf]

ICLS 2012: Tiny Tabletops

Rick, J. (2012). Tiny tabletops: A research agenda. In Workshop Proceedings of ICLS 2012, "Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning". [pdf]

SRCD 2009: OurSpace

Harris, A., Yuill, N., Marshall, P., Fleck, R., Rick, J. and Rogers, Y. (2009). Using novel technology to support children's collaborative interaction during a planning task. Talk presented at The Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting 2009, Denver, CO.

Surface Tension 2009: ShareIT DiamondTouch

Rick, J. (2009). ShareIT DiamondTouch. Demonstration at Surface Tension, Dana Centre, London Science Museum, London, UK.