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4 October 2003 - blog

Two times a year, Let's Try This! improv troupe does an improvathon. Since a marathon is ~26 miles long, an improvathon is 26 hours long. So, from 10am on Saturday until noon on Sunday, I was doing improv. That's a lot of improv. Around ~6am, I started being really tired. I got my second wind around 10am. The four hours inbetween were terrible, but everything else was cool. I did get slightly hurt, as I have two bruises on my left elbow to show for it.

I directed for 1.5 hours of the improvathon, spending most of that time working on a new game (Fountain).

This was my second full improvathon and my fourth overall.

Here's a picture I took at the beginning of it:

10am on Saturday