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CSL Wish List

There are a few things we are missing in the new lab that we could use.

Laptop Lock-Down Chains

Since TSRB is nowhere as secure as CRB, it makes sense to get a few lock downs for laptops. I already bought one for my laptop. It cost $40. I turned the receipt in to Wanda. -Je77

A 3' by 3' book shelf to sit behind Je77

Larry Beckwith said he might be able to get one of these.

Cable Holes for the desks.

The cords are starting to be annoying. I can probably borrow a drill bit from DT and buy the corresponding plastic things from the Container store for ~$30.

Chairs for the lab table

Are these coming? When we inserted chairs around it, the architects removed them. I liked the ones we had in CRB. Can we get some of those.

Full whiteboards

Are we getting this or are we just going to use the one from CRB. If so, I'd like to see where we should position things.