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Eggshell #1

DramaTech 1995-96 Best Studio Show

Eggshell #1 is a short play (about 1 hour) that was written using improv techniques by a group of people at DramaTech Theatre. Directed by Jochen "Je77" Rick and Stuart Pieloch, it was performed at DT's open house show in 1995. It's a show about the creation of the chicken and the egg. It's extremely geeky, so the Georgia Tech crowd really enjoyed it.

Cast of Characters

  • Al, the Physicist (Wes Schrader): Nerd. All of the stereotypical Nerd qualities exemplify Al. He's also very anal about a lot of things. His name is obviously from Albert Einstein.
  • Neil, the Chemist (Charles Loflin): Mad Scientist. A little bit on the strange and dangerous side. His name is from Neils Bohr.
  • Lou, the Biologist (Matt Bell): Stoned Hippie. He cares a lot about what has been created and doesn't back down to anyone. His name is from Lucifer (That's why he is sent to Heck.).
  • Fifi, the Artist (Willena Moye): Artsy Fartsy. Speaks with a French accent and is very concerned with making things "fadge ".
  • Matthew, the Manager (Chad Patterson): Know-nothing Manager. Matthew is very goal oriented. He doesn't fully grasp anything, but occassionally comes up with brilliant ideas. Quick to suck up to God.
  • God (Danny DiPasqualle): Big-Booming-Voice God.
  • Bert (Danny DiPasqualle): New York wat-de-matter-wit-u guy. The messenger from Al to Neil. Get it. AlBert Einstein.
  • Bubba (Danny DiPasqualle): Big time stoner. Lou's assistant.
  • Raul (Danny DiPasqualle): Flaming-gay artsy person. Him and Fifi are cut from the same fabric.
  • Boy (Joshua Bardwell): 8 years old. Should be dressed in really tacky Hawaiian shirt.

Director's Notes

Here are just some suggestions on the direction of the play. This is the way it was originally staged:
  • Fifi and Raul are in love with Matthew. He does not return their affections.
  • The stage is blank. The floor was painted with some strange symbols. There was an area behind a scrim where God is; this area could be shown or hidden by lighting. The only set was a table for the meeting scenes, and Neil's lab bench.
  • God, Bert, Bubba, and Raul were played by the same actor. Boy could have been played by the same actor.
  • Firmament and Fifi were played by the same actress.
  • Kool-Aid needs to be refridgerated to stay edible.
  • Most of the actors really hammed up their parts. Every character was made super-stereotypical.

Performance Agreements

Permission is given for anyone to make copies of this play as long as they are not being sold for a profit.

Permission is given for anyone to perform this play as long as these guidelines are met:
  1. Some credit must be given to DramaTech Theatre on all advertisements.
  2. In no smaller font than any actor's name, the program must give some credit to Stuart Pieloch, Je77 Rick, Joshua Bardwell, Matt Bell, Danny DiPasqualle, Charles Loflin, Willena Moye, Chad Patterson & Wes Schrader.
  3. Changes can be made to the play, but no credit should be given for those changes to any of the writers above.
Also, please try to get in contact with one of us to let us know that the play is being performed somewhere. Thanks.