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Fowl Play

Cast of Characters

  • The Playwright (Charles Loflin): This guy's no Bill Shakespeare. He's the kind of guy who is going through a mid-life crisis, so he quits his job and decides to become a writer. All he knows is tired cliche, melodrama, and what he's seen on TV.
  • The Hero (Joshua Bardwell): Think big chin, blond hair, blue eyes, on a white horse in a shining suit of armor. At least as long as he's in character. Out of character, he's a bitter, slimy, conniving little snake. He's much more subtly evil than the Villain, however.
  • The Villain (Harry Marlin): Think black handlebar mustache, black hat, tying women to railroad tracks, etc... Snidely Whiplash on steroids. Out of character, however, he's mild and sincere. Like an actor who's been typecast, he yearns for a shot at a role that reflects his true self.
  • The Sidekick (Robert Lunsford) lives to help out the Hero. A little clumsy, but will probably make a wonderful sidekick given a little time. Out of character, he doesn't change much. He's a bit naive – kind of like he just graduated Sidekick School and now he's getting his shot at the real world. A bit disillusioned when he finds out about the Hero's true nature. Identifies either with the Villain (out of character) or the Loner as the play progresses.
  • The Maid (Allison Spires): A bit ditzy. Introduces the action and sets the scene. Out of character, it's her job to get the play finished, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it done.
  • The Damsel (Jennifer Jordan): A Damsel in Distress. Picture her walking around tied to a set of railroad tracks. Absolutely the same out of character.
  • The Loner (Chris Rake): Confused. He's shadowy and unexplained. Out of character, he's neurotic: ("What am I doing here? Why am I the only one without a purpose?!")

Performance Agreement

Permission is given for anyone to make copies of this play as long as they are not being sold for a profit.

Permission is given for anyone to perform this play as long as these guidelines are met:
  1. Some credit must be given to DramaTech Theatre on all advertisements.
  2. In no smaller font than any actor's name, the program must give some credit to Je77 Rick, Joshua Bardwell, Kevin Donnelly, Jennifer Jordan, Charles Loflin, Robert Lunsford, Harry Marlin, Chris Rake & Allison Spires.
  3. Changes can be made to the play, but no credit should be given for those changes to any of the writers above.
Also, please try to get in contact with one of us to let us know that the play is being performed somewhere. Thanks.