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Prologue Song

[Set to the tune of Gilligan's Island Theme Song]

Just sit right back and you'll see a tale,
a tale which we will tell.
It started from the writer's mind,
in a strange hotel.
The playwright writes fierce action plays –
his characters ruled the day
Six of them set forth to do
a half hour play.
A half hour play.

[Train Whistle]

The action started getting sluff.
The writer was soon lost.
If it weren't for the courage of the fearless cast,
this play might just be lost.
This play might just be lost.

We come today to perform it here.
This play that we did write,
with The Hero,
The Sidekick too,
The Villian,
and his [pause] wife?,
The Hotel Maid,
The Loner and Audience too,
here at Eggshell number 2.