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The Farmer Finds the Mess

[Loner steps out of the shadows, still taking notes and inspecting the scene.]

Loner There. That's it? It's over?

[Playwright stirs and shuffles in his sleep.]

Playwright [Starts waking up] Blue chicken. No. [Shakes his head]

Loner She's dead He's dead. He's dead. They ran away together.

Playwright Wha? Where am I?

Loner And I'm the only one still left. Without a purpose.

Playwright What happened here?

Loner Three characters dead, two ran away together. I'm here alone. Is this a tragedy or a farce?

Playwright Wait. This is that hotel room.

Loner It could be a comedy for all I know.

Playwright The damsel. She's dead?

Loner What exactly is a melodrama?

Playwright The Hero and the Villain died too.

Loner I started out mysterious, and I still haven't figured out anything more.

Playwright I wonder what happened here?

Loner I have no place in this play. What was the playwright thinking!

Playwright I guess I'll never know...

[A long silence. Loner turns to Writer.]

Loner What did you say?

Playwright It's just that I'll never know how this play turned out.

Loner [Looks at his diary] Yes! Let me tell you a story.