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improv.pngWelcome! You have reached the improv page of Je77. I've been doing improvisational theatre since 1993 [bio]. These pages are my reflections on improv and what I've learned along the way.


  • Scenic Archetypes: This is a plot-driven long-form improv method that I created. Scenic archetypes allow improvisers to perform an improvised play with a sophisticated plot.
  • Directing Improv Workshops: I've been directing improv workshops for over a decade. Along the way, I've seen many people make (or fail to make) the transition from being a player to being a workshop director. This page is to help someone make the transition. Whenever I teach a workshop on directing, these are the topics I cover.
  • Six Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Improv Troupe: I've been to many improv shows and have seen improv troupes come and go. I synthesize across my experiences to fill you in on what makes for a (financially) successful improv troupe.
  • The Point of Rehearsal: Many improv troupes would be significantly better off if they took rehearsals more seriously. Here's why.

Other Articles

Festival Reflection

I've been to a few improv festivals. Improv festivals can be a great (fun) learning experience. I highly recommend going to one if you've never been. Occasionally, I like to reflect on the experience.


These are some games I invented.

External Resources

Eggshell: improv plays

Eggshell is a type of improv-theatre built on the concept of "who is more able to produce the plays than the authors." Check out the two plays which have been made in this fashion:


If you want to leave me a message, you can do so here. Tell me what you thought. Did you learn anything interesting? Did you disagree? Where, how?

I loved your site. Im a improv actor in Brazil.

Thanks Its a lot of information.
You are welcome:)

Thank you... information never hurt! Your workshops seem like a lot of fun :)
    • Chelsea
Los Angeles, CA

this was a lot of help thanx!

I dont know man. I am researching for a book I am writing and came across your page. I think the books you reference are spot on, but had trouble with your definitions and explations of status, your overall thoughts on how to run a short form show, and the idea you have to allow the audience to dictate (hehe I said dictate) what type of material or at what level of "blue" is acceptable. I agree that alchol should be sold at shows and that it loosens them up, however I strongly disagree that the audience comes to be seen and that what happens on stage is secondary. I am in no way a "purest" of improv and am very experienced in performing, teaching, and directing improv and I can say in all confindence that the audience comes to the show to be entertained. The only true way to create a long runing show is by continiously putting up quality shows by talented people with a focus on production. Please excuse any speling mistakes as I am terrible typer and completely lost without my spellcheck.

Joe Tex

Hello to je77

I remember you doing improv when you went to GA tech -

My son Joshua Bardwell and I did the Saturday morning workshops a few times

I saw you perform at "Ca-fiends?" in buckhead - the Fountains were performing too.

I ACTUALLY REMEMBER your improv - you were a teeenage mutant ninja turtle!!!

Why am I writing?

It is soooooo coool to make this connection!

I am getting into improv and just did a random search!

So! good luck Jeff - or je77. Happy improving! Irene Bardwell-

Hi Irene. Of course I remember you and your daughter. And Josh and I were in 4 Claps and LTT together for a long time.

To Joe Tex,

I think you are mistaken of the intent of Je77's article. He is making fun of popular long running troups in the Atlanta area (hell the entire United States). This is almost an article on what not to do, what is crap, and much more in a very sarcastic tone. I don't think he believes that art is impossible without these things but more that popular troups are guilty of them. DON'T DO WHAT THE ARTICLE SAYS. Is what the article is actually saying.

You Rule.
Berkeley Players

Needle in a haystack I know. I was in Atlanta for DragonCon, you may have heard of it, it's kind of a big deal. Went to a Cruxshadows concert while I was there, and noticed these three awesome kids rocking out like it was their business. As they were leaving I caught up with them to compliment them on their enthusiasm. The girl in the group asked me if I liked to dance, and then referenced improv a couple times. I have forgotten her name as she had snuck in with someone else's badge. Hoping to get in contact with her and her 2 friends. Didn't realize just how many improv groups are in Atlanta. If you could ask around to see if anyone attended DragonCon, even if it was for just the one concert, I would be appreciative. It's a long shot, but I've been lucky enough to track down every other cool person I met there even without trading contact info. This is the greatest challenge, thank you for your help.

~bardicraptus on facebook.

I haven't lived in Atlanta for 5 years, so I'm not a good source on the current Atlanta improv scene. Good luck though.