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The Lord of the Rings

The Fellowship of the Ring: 10/10
The Two Towers: 9/10
The Return of the King: 10/10

The Fellowship of the Ring

Wow! You are transported to Middle Earth to witness one of the greatest stories of all time. From the Galadriel's telling of the history of the Ring of Power to the fellowship's break-up, this movie moves you through a powerful story with characters, beautifully portrayed, that you care about. Tolkien's messages about fellowship, forgiveness, courage, and the pleasures of a simple life are still relevant today. For this reason, this film will be a classic.

When I first saw this film, I had never read the book. I thought it was a good film. I spent a good amount of time paying attention to details of the story. The second time, I was able to let myself be swept away by the story. I then decided it was a perfect film. Good movies may seem great on first viewing, but fade in memory or when reviewing. This is a great film. Each time I watch it I get swept away. The extended edition on DVD is even better (something I didn't think was possible as the original is already perfect).

Anyway, that this movie failed to win the Best Picture Academy Award is incredible. In 20 years, people will still be watching this movie and won't remember who won Best Picture in 2002. Peter Jackson and crew deserve all the recognition they can get.

The Two Towers

This is a difficult novel to turn into a book. It is the middle child and as such is difficult as it is neither beginning nor end. Gollum was great. The battle of Helm's Deep was awesome. The siege at Isengard was inspiring. Again, the extended edition was a decent amount better than the original.

I find it interesting that the movie starts already one chapter into the book and fails to actually make it to the end of the book (by a long shot). The thing that made me deduct a point was Aragorn getting knocked off the cliff by the Warg rider. I almost give the extended edition a 10 as this scene at least introduces Brego (the horse) better.

The best movie of that year was The Pianist. Again, it amazes me that Chicago is able to walk away with best movie.

The Return of the King

After viewing it a second time, this movie is incredible. The fight scenes are more amazing than those in The Two Towers. The pathos is as involving as The Fellowship of the Ring. All hail the King. It should easily pick up best picture and best director at the Academy Awards.