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Voltron is a workshop game I made up for Let's Try This!'s Improvathon 9 to help people work on physicality and trusting other players. In the animated TV-show Voltron, various cat robots came together to form the giant human-like robot Voltron. In this improv game, a group of improvisers come together to form some kind of object. Split up the players into 3–5 person groups. Tell them the number of things that they have to do. Then, give them 5–10 minutes to invent examples for all the categories at once. For the first time it was played, I chose these objects: a monster, a piece of furniture, a style of transportation, and a game. There was one group in particular that came up with some great examples:

A Solid TV Stand
Furniture: TV Stand: Adam Johnson, Mariam Mathew, Gavin Cramblet, and Tony Kasten

The Dreaded Jaws of Life
Monster: the Jaws of Life

A Complex Motorcycle
Transportation: Motorcycle

When everyone has come up with their examples, let the groups perform them in front of everyone. This workshop game allows improvisers to get physical. Often, new improvisers do not feel comfortable touching one another. This game gives them a controlled setting to start feeling comfortable with this. In addition, this can build trust as players realize that they can depend on each other for support.