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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a game I made up that is inspired by the Calvin Klein perfume commercials (think Obsession). It's a two player game with a suggestion for a complex sounding word or emotion (passion, nostalgia, etc.). Both players then get up to the front of the stage and do word-at-a-time monologues based on that word. These should be stories of some kind. They do not need to be related. So, player A can be telling a different story than player B. But, the stories are told a word (or short phrase) at a time. The game ends when the stories end on that word. The trick is to get the stories to end about the same time. Then, both people say the suggested word, ending the scene. Here's an example for dignity:
A: Big event             B: Homeless
A: Crowd                 B: On the corner
A: Cheering              B: Starving
A: Running               B: Begging
A: Fast                  B: No shelter
A: Faster                B: No home
A: Running               B: No food
A: Cheering              B: Torn up clothing
A: End in sight          B: Needs your help
A: I'm gonna win         B: Not willing to beg
A: No                    B: Not willing to beg
A: On my right           B: Shelter
A: Passed me             B: Standing in line
A: Second place          B: Waiting in line
A: Second place          B: Food and shelter
A: Don't cry             B: Thank you
A: Don't cry             B: Thank you
A: Congratulations!      B: Dignity
A: Dignity