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This page is for those of you cool enough to want to leave me a message. Just add it below. You could leave your name, your favorite TV show, or your favorite Buffy character if you can't think of anything else. Those putting down Dawn as their favorite Buffy character will be hunted down and their head put on a pike.

I'm a loser[, baby, so why don't you kill me?]

Hi Je77, been a user of Swiki for quite a few years now and am still loving it. Just migrated from a PowerMac G3/266 (the Mac never crashed because of the Swiki) to a Sun E250 – the Sun box is way faster...Swiki is definitely my favorite wiki.

Awesome. I should have a new version of Swiki out sometime soon.

Please Je77, It would be very neat if you could release the new Swiki soon. I have one page that has been updated 1393 times! and now the history page loads alittle bit slow. Any idea how I can "crop" the history? sierra4x4 (at)

You can delete it if you want. OR you can edit it by hand.

Hi. Is it possible to download AniAniWeb?

Not yet. It should be downloadable soon though (at latest, it will be out by the end of the summer). There are only a few barriers left until I can open source it. Join the PWS List. I'll announce it there. —Je77

Dear Jochen, I'm impressed by your comSwiki - it's the "killerapp" on my macMini - and I'm looking forward to your sequel aniWeb. Just keep up the good work! Maybe when I can shrug off the "newbie feeling" I'll offer to contribute my skills. iGreetings from Martin :)

Thanks. AniAniWeb is pretty much ready for release. I just have to find the time to do it. -Je77

Je77, how do you develop more modules for aniani? I want to make a data plotter. Thanks! - jbae@cc

First, you have to download the code with the sources. Then, you can create new modules using the SwikiBrowser. Go to ani::actions (page)::plug-ins and you'll see the plug-ins that are there now. You can then create your own. Just add a new page action called plotter-plugin and you can write the Squeak code to let you do what you want. —Je77


I think it would be very difficult to poop on a stick

Don't stop believing!

it's like you always say, "Use the internet."



Of all the wiki implementations I have seen so far, I feel AniWeb has the most potential. It is a pity that a fatal bug has slipped in preventing serious use of the calendar/blog functions: the calendar dates are off! It would be a compliment to smalltalk/squeak if an expert - you?! - would publish a step by step solution on how to change the image in the browser. It would demonstrate: given the right instructions, even a newbie like me can do it... it would also demonstrate what is advertised: changes can be made on the fly in a working system....

Kind regards from Martin

Dear Je77: I really hope you take this as a compliment, not as criticism. Would love to hear from you! :-)

Hi Martin, I'm just insanely busy. You may want to join the PWS List. The basics is that you have to execute a small piece of Smalltalk: Week startDay: #Monday. That will fix it.

Je77, when are you having an improv workshop on Squeak? –Lindsey!

Dear Je77, Really appreciate your reply - and you know what? A Squeak newbie like me... did the trick! Now I'll start using the calendar straight away: like my little Swiss Knife just can't do without the tools in the Swikis and Anis anymore!

Once again: digital greetings from Martin!

Hey Je77, this is Tony Vila. I'd love some supporting docs for the new IMDT site for the shows you've been involved in - I already nabbed what posters and programs you have on your site, but info on the Eggshell shows, etc. would be appreciated.

E:\Documents and Settings\whazlewo\Desktop\dtsdk2_0\jdt\java>
java -cp ".;./com/merl/diamondtouch" JdtTest -t frame

cd E:\Documents and Settings\whazlewo\Desktop\dtsdk2_0\jdt\java

and separately

and then
java -cp ".;./com/merl/diamondtouch" JdtTest -t touch

Hey Jeff! I like you...


You're my favorite!

Also, Dawn IS my favorite Buffy character... :-0

I you weren't in Milton Keynes right now, I'd punch you in the face.

Isn't that a pooptastic idea?

(See, I started using it.)

my google earth is not workin (poor directx)...
can't find your new home

BillCosbyShow (because of the saxophon)


It's the fourteenth of April. Happy Birthday!!!

Oh, that's from me, Willena

Happy Belated Birthday, you dork!

Yeah, guess who that's from? ;)


^^ It's nice to see someone else shares my sentiments... :^)

My favorite show has gotta be Mr. Ed-love the theme song...Emily

Spike. My favorite Buffy character. Is that cliche? And what do you have against Dawn? I thought she added to the show.

How's it going. Haven't heard from you in a long time. Is Kim in the UK with you? Catch me up. W.

Hi. I just downloaded swiki, and I have set it up for our internal site at work. Very nice! None of that database nonsense or setting up Apache or programming language support - just start it up and we're ready to roll!

Mark Carter.

Dear Je77,

It feels like ages ago you helped me to squash a bug in ComSwiki 1.5, and I have been using this marvelous product ever since. I'm aware you are probably very busy, and may have already moved on to other projects. Still I would very much appreciate if you would help me look in the mirror! Maybe in the course of time "interesting things will happen in the background"! Version 1.5 is called "One Of These Days".... the next version (1.6 / 2.0?!) could be called "Patience Is The Key"?!

Hope you consider this letter a compliment to your hard work! Kind regards from MartinZ.

Oh, Chen Chen. What will we do without you?