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I am a research assistant in Beth Mynatt's Everyday Computing Lab, a lab that is housed in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.
My work here centers around issues of Aging in Place and technological support for social connections between geographically distant family members.
Grandparents, parents and grandchildren are the principal players in this game.
The most visible sign of this work is the design and evaluation of the Digital Family Portrait, a dignity sensitive, home appropriate display of a distant elder's daily activity.
The Digital Family Portrait, written in Squeak! Squeak!, is deployed in home of the adult child and provides the peace of mind needed for the adult child to feel comfortable about leaving his aging parent in the family home rather than moving them to some form of institutional living.

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I also participate in the growing community of Cognitive Science researchers here at Georgia Tech and most recently received my Certificate in Cognitive Science. At Georgia Tech, Cognitive Science is a cross-disciplinary program here at Tech that involves the colleges of Engineering, Psychology, Computing, Architecture, Business and Science.

My "hammer" of choice is Squeak! Squeak!, a version of SmallTalk80 imagined by former XEROX PARC luminary Alan Kay.
I am also a member of Squeakers Squeakers!, a community of Squeak fanatics here at Georgia Tech.
Finally, this website is an AniAniWeb, a new slant on the Swiki built by Je77 of Mark Guzdial's Collaborative Software Laboratory at Georgia Tech. AKA CoWeb or collaborative website, this AniAniWeb not only supports website construction for the HTML-uninitiated, but it allows the inclusion of content on the fly, by anyone, from any computer with web access.
It is a powerful tool for introduction to web-content building as well as collaboration.

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Making contact:

jrowan @
Office: Technology Square Research Building, 3rd floor
Phone: (office) 404-385-1102

Mailing Address
Jim Rowan
Everyday Computing Lab & GVU Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
85 5th Street N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280


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