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Digital Family Portrait

In 2050 government population projections show nearly 100 million people over the age of 65 and nearly 24 million people over 85. More than half of these will be living by themselves. Since we are a mobile society, we no longer live in the same communities all our lives. Adult children can no longer look out the window to Mom's house and get a sense of how she's doing. Deprived of this casual information gathering, how can the adult child acquire the peace of mind that mom is doing fine?

My approach to solving this dilemma is the Digital Family Portrait, a persistent display of mom's daily activity that is available in the adult child's home. It is a dignity sensitive, home appropriate display intended to be placed in the home as any picture in a frame would be placed.

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This research has resulted in two full CHI papers, CHI2001 and CHI2005, an HCII2005 full paper and a HOIT 2000 short paper.