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Case-Based Design Aids

  • ARCHIE investigated the use of case-based techniques in the design of an interactive advisory system to help facilities planners. Completed in 1991.

  • MIDAS, a case-based design aid (CBDA) for aircraft subsystem design, a collaboration between Georgia Tech and Lockheed; design information entered by Lockheed aerospace engineer, Marcia Herndon, programming and design done by Eric Domeshek, 1993.

  • ARCHIE-2, a large scale case-based design aid for architectural design, holds libraries, courthouses, and skyscrapers, cases collected by architecture graduate students, software designed by Eric Domeshek, 1993.

  • DESIGN-MUSE, an authoring system for case-based design aids, based on MIDAS and ARCHIE-2, used for later better implementations of both programs and a variety of other case libraries. Designed and programmed by Eric Domeshek, completed in 1994; in 1996, it was getting attention in industry worldwide.

  • SCIED, an investigation of flexible design, planning for execution, and indexing as applied to an education problem: the design of lesson plans for elementary school science teaching, completed in 1994. It was designed as a teacher-training add-on to several novel educational programs. Designed with Terry Chandler, implemented by Richard Billington.

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