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Creative Case-Based Reasoners

  • CREATIVE JULIA addressed the use of case-based reasoning for creative problem solving. This prototype program knew how to search a case library, elaborate a problem specification, and adapt solutions in novel ways to produce creative solutions to design problems. It could figure out several ways of using leftover brown rice. Completed in 1991; programmed by Louise Penberthy.

  • IMPROVISOR explored the cognition behind creativity, especially in design. Emphasis was on opportunistic recognition and use of information in the environment, opportunistic memory recall, and control of processing. Developed in collaboration with Linda Wills and Marin Simina, completed in 1995.

  • ALEC, a descendent of IMPROVISOR, modeled the processes involved in creative design, specifically carrying out the reasoning of Alexander Graham Bell as he invented the multiple telegraph and telephone. Developed by Marin Simina, Ph.D. student, completed fall, 1999.

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