About Me

I am a second year Master's student in the College of Computing. I received my undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech in 2000 in Electrical Engineering. Between then and now I worked full-time for a couple of years at a small systems integrator in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Why am I pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science if my undergraduate is in Electrical Engineering (one might ask)? I found my duties at my job increasingly revolved around writing simple VB apps which talked to some database back-end. While these were very interesting at first, I eventually realized that I needed more training to pursue software development as a career.

My computer-area interests include (but are not limited to) learning sciences, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. To see what I mean, look at my schedule since entering the MSCS program here.

Outside of computers I do have some other interests:

As a reminder to myself (and anyone else interested in different web browser experiences) Avant Browser is a set of browser features added on top of Internet Explorer, with a super-easy installation and even some features (such as the ability to block Flash animation) that Firefox either doesn't have or doesn't make it easy to do.