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Evaluation Notes: 14 April 2005

Prior to session:
This will be "Switching Gears" day, in which the 5th grade and 6th grade science clubs get together. The plan is to have 30 minute blocks. During block 1 half the VIM students and half the KSI students will be doing VIM; the other halves will be doing KSI. At the end of the 30 minute block the two groups will switch. During the last 30 minute block we will hold 2 15 minute discussions: first a group-wide discussion of VIM and secondly a discussion of KSI.

During our 30 minute block we plan to group the students approximately 2 VIM and 2 KSI students per group. We will give each group a basic balloon car which has much room for improvement. The instructions to the students will be that only KSI students can modify the cars, but with instruction from the VIM students. In this way we hope to avoid the problem of VIM students taking over the entire exercise. As the groups modify their cars they will test them and hopefully get better and better results.

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